Monday, November 15, 2010
Good morning! :) I'm terribly behind in my Vegan MoFo blogging due to all the traveling - but that should improve this week, when I'm finally home again.

The first weekend in a while I wasn't on the road was spent baking. We made the year's first Lussekatter (St. Lucia Buns - Swedish saffron buns traditionally eaten around St. Lucy's Day on December 13) and a few other things - including these:

Speculoos! Remember when I attempted to create something similar to speculoos, Belgian Christmas cookies, back in October? I didn't bother to look up how they are made, and came up with a delicious tasting recipe - which produced nice, soft cinnamon cookies, but certainly not traditional speculoos.

Since I didn't want to fall behind in my weekly E.A.T. World challenge as well, and since the next letter was B, I had a good excuse to give these cookies another try. Welcome to Belgium!

This time around, I found a traditional speculoos recipe, and followed it religiously (although I obviously used vegan margarine in place of butter). The dough turned out so dry that I had to add a little more liquid (maybe three tablespoons of vegan margarine + cold water), but once I got the dough to hold together, the rest went very smoothly.

The dough tasted almost exactly like gingerbread dough (yum!), just a little less spicy. The cookies turned out crispy and delicious - again, like a milder version of gingerbread. :) I liked them very much, but they were still different than the traditional speculoos I have tasted, so I'll keep looking for the perfect recipe. This one, however, is perfect for a day when you feel like having gingerbread [dough] but want to avoid the time-consuming part of boiling together molasses and spices. ;)

I also made a quick trip to Ikea this weekend to pick up a few things. As a student, Ikea is one of my favorite places to shop; and sometimes (if I visit during a quiet hour!) I just like to walk around looking at the model homes for fun, without even buying anything. This time I only needed some jars and other small items, but I also happened to find these cute cookie cutters and a new bundt cake pan. I'm in love with the animal cookie cutters!

I can't wait to test them out with our traditional gingerbread recipe.

I'll be sharing some of the other things we made this weekend later on, too.

Have a nice day! :)
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