Thursday, November 11, 2010
First Snow
Apologies for my long absence - again. After the conference last Friday, I heard my uncle had become very ill. Instead of traveling straight home, I traveled to visit him in the hospital with my aunt. My uncle and aunt have no children of their own and, since my own grandparents passed away long before I was born, they have always been like grandparents to me and my sister. Thankfully, it was an infection that could be treated with antibiotics, and although still hospitalized, he is already doing better. I got home on Monday, but have been behind in study work, emails, and newspapers (am I the only one who stresses over reading old newspapers after traveling? I just feel like I need to catch up on the news, despite following them on the internet. I must have learned this habit from my dad, and should get rid of it ;)) - not to mention blog reading and the Vegan MoFo. 


My first morning at home, I woke up to a white scenery. The first snow had fallen at night. It was not much, but enough to make everything look bright and pretty.

It started to snow again in the evening, and the snowstorm continued all night. In the morning, I could barely open the front door, and the snowplows were on the streets for the first time this year fall.

When we were small, my mom always read us this book by Astrid Lindgren the day the first snow fell (and many times after that, on the days leading up to Christmas). I still love Astrid Lindgren's books, and often read the stories to myself. This book is one of my favorites because of the beautiful illustrations and all the memories related to it.

The earth is still warm and the snow will probably melt away within the next few days - but we are enjoying the white beauty as long as it lasts.

As I am writing this, I have a lentil filled bread baking in the oven. It smells very promising, so I hope I can share the recipe with you later today or tomorrow. ;)