Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Mystery City
Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Whenever I have some extra time in my hands (and, being a student - the money ;)), I love to travel somewhere and explore a new place, or visit family and friends.

Packing, on the other hand, is one of my least favorite things in the world - it comes very close after toilet cleaning on my list of "unpleasant things to do". There is no problem when you travel for a weekend and possibly only need a carry-on, but when the trip lasts for a couple of weeks or more, the luggage weight limits can soon become a real problem. If I have any gray hairs yet, most of them must have been caused by various airlines and their different policies. The weight limit on most European flights is 20 kg (about 44 lbs), which is really not much, considering that a suitcase alone may take up nearly half of that limit. If you add a pair of jeans, a couple of warm sweaters, and an extra pair of shoes, you soon reach the maximum weight. To make matters worse, as a law student I often have to lug around another 10 kg of books, notes, and a laptop.

Today was spent on this totally unenjoyable task. I have a very early flight tomorrow, so I thought I'd get everything done on time - for once - and could relax the rest of the evening. I'm the first one to admit that I usually I push my luck and pack my books and an extra carry on (or two...), always ending with some overweight (knock on wood that I haven't been charged yet)  - but as my boyfriend is not here to take me to the airport tomorrow (and bring home any excess stuff, just in case ;)), I'm trying to play it safe this time. To fit in all my necessary books, notes, and a number of gifts people are sending to my sister's baby, I'll probably have to wear the same clothes for the next three weeks or so... or go shopping. ;) However, I'm proud to announce that I only have 100 g - 3.5 oz - overweight this time! Yes, it's tight - but it should be okay.

I'm flying to a totally unplanned destination tomorrow, as I happened to get a ridiculously cheap flight - and a perfectly timed connecting flight. It is a East European capital city with a rich history and lots of interesting architecture. They are famous for their chocolate, which some chocolate experts rate among the very best European chocolates. With all the traveling I have done in Europe, it is a bit embarrassing to admit that my only visit to any East European country so far has been a cruise to St. Petersburg, Russia, when I was about nine years old. With that in mind, I'm looking forward to exploring this new city tomorrow. Any guesses where I'm headed? ;)

My city break will be short this time, as I'm flying out already the same evening. I will be traveling to Sweden and Finland for the next few weeks, and will be visiting my parents, sister, and some friends during my trip. I always miss my parents when I am away - no matter if I'm officially a grown-up ;) - and look so much forward to spending time with them again. I also can't wait to meet my sister's new baby! The only downside is that now it feels like an eternity since I saw my boyfriend, too...

Do you like traveling? What are your favorite destinations? 

I will be back when I have the chance to sit down and connect to the internet again. :)
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