Sunday, September 26, 2010
Change of Plans
The Danish weather proved true to its reputation and turned out as unpredictable as always. The beautiful sunshine changed into dark clouds, strong wind, and lingering rain. No reading in the park this weekend, either! However, I did manage to have a great biking adventure.

I accompanied a friend to the airport early afternoon, and took my bike with me in the metro (subway). The airport is located only some 7 miles out of the city center, so I was far from the only person who'd brought their bike along:

The ride from the airport to the city is one of my favorite biking routes in Copenhagen. There is a large "man-made" beach a little south of the city, near the airport, and the best part of the beach is that there is a paved biking/running path running the whole way through it.

You enter the beach almost as soon as you leave the airport, and exit just before you turn on the bridge to enter the city again. In the summer, the area is always packed with people - but this time it was nice and quiet. The beach was almost deserted, but some brave souls were still lying on the sand with a picnic basket - reading in their sleeping bags.

I felt I'd hardly started biking when I reached the city, so I continued riding north. On the harbor, a couple cruise ships were setting sail. The one nearer was playing some incredibly annoying and very loud music that kept ringing in my ears for miles after I'd passed the ships. The song was so irritating I later googled it and found out it was this one. I'm a huge fan of 60's and 70's music, but let's just say this particular song didn't quite fall into my favorite songs category. ;-)

I rode up north by the seaside, through a trail in the woods, and back to the city using another route. I loved seeing several old couples on a walk in the woods (it's more like a park, really), holding hands and looking like they were so much in love. I hope I'll be just as happy when I'm 80! :)  assume most of them were residents of a retirement home near the park. 

I probably covered some 20 miles, which isn't a big distance in this flat country, on a good bike - but it was a perfect, leisurely ride, and almost made me forget my ruined plans about reading in a sunny park today. ;) 

Hope you all have had a nice weekend, too! 
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