Saturday, August 28, 2010
Treasure-hunting at Frederiksberg Flea
The weekend started with a trip to a big outdoors flea market on Saturday morning. I believe Frederiksberg flea market is the biggest outdoors market in Copenhagen, and is always filled with people, both vendors and customers. The stands and people change every weekend, so you never know what you're going to get - it could be anything from real antique treasures to gently used baby clothes or hand-made jewellery.

Going to the market in the summer weekends has been a hobby of mine and my good friend's ever since we moved to Copenhagen a couple of years ago. My friend is the queen of finding designer clothes for ridiculously low prices; and while I don't always have her patience to browse through countless of boxes, bags, and racks of second-hand clothing in search for the perfect dress, I have a soft spot for antique teddy bears (the really, really old ones). Unfortunately, these bears are difficult to find these days; but if you go really early, you may get lucky. I have a small collection of these old bears from the early 1900's, but most of them are currently residing at my parents' place.

The bear in the picture is from the 60's and is much younger than the ones I usually collect. However, I thought he looked so cute sitting there alone that I couldn't help but ask him for a photo!
I almost bought the bear on the right - for 25 kr! - but then realized I had no idea where to place him in my small apartment. He is not a real antique bear, but certainly a special bear. 

This time, we ended up buying a few baby items for my sister's coming baby and not much else, but it's always fun just to look around. My friend found a few designer clothes for herself, and I got a cute light-green dress from Bruuns Bazaar (a Danish designer). The dress is much too summery to wear this year I'm afraid, but maybe next summer?

My friend moved to Ireland earlier this summer, so it had been a couple of months since we last went to the market together. So glad she's back for a visit!
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