Sunday, August 29, 2010
Veggie Festival
After the flea market on Saturday, we walked home and stumbled upon a 'vegetable festival'. It was around closing time, so we didn't look around,  but decided to come back the next day. It looked like there was a small farmer's market, and wanted to come back and see if we could buy some fresh vegetables there. 

We went back early this morning. Apparently, the festival is part of a big food exhibition taking place in Copenhagen this weekend. The exhibition had an entrance fee, and as budget-savvy students, we decided not to venture inside. However, outside the exhibition hall there were a number of stands that you could visit for free. Many of the stands were cutting up free fruit and veggies to taste, and others were cooking and giving out taste samples of delicious vegetarian food. You could have eaten a big vegetarian buffet for a fair price, too, but we had just had brunch and were not too hungry.

 We talked to a number of vendors and local farmers, all of whom were super friendly. There was a big selection of locally grown, organic fruits and veggies on display, and I was prepared to spend most of next week's grocery budget there. However, this is when the biggest - and happiest - surprise happened...

When we approached the people to buy some of their veggies - starting with a delicious-smelling, big pot of fresh basil - they told us that it was all free, and they proceeded to fill a bag with veggies to sample for each of us. Living in one of the world's most expensive cities, we could barely believe it! We ended up coming home with a week's worth of veggies - all free of charge, organic, and most locally grown. Such a happy ending for the weekend! The only things I did buy were half a bag of tomatoes (ridiculously cheap at 7,5 kr - about 1 €) and a box of brown button mushrooms.

My loot: Hokkaido squash, corn, bell pepper, snack pepper, beet, plum, green beans, leek, basil, parsley. I also got some bananas, cucumber, and a bag of baby carrots that I forgot to include in the picture.

I love fresh basil so much. I could smell this lovely bunch the whole time on my bike trip home, and can't wait to use it up. The first thing at home, I planted it in a pot, so I hope it will survive on my kitchen window for a long time to come!

Have a lovely Sunday! :)
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